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Live recording at the BMC, duo with Miklos Lukacs. A prophecy by

Live recording at the BMC, second time with Miklos Lukacs.
Here there is a bombastic solo by Grzegorz Karnas.
Broad Sword

Vietnam was a big surprise. so was Dac's playing his soprano. a great Vietnamese improviser who mixed up with Karnas Trio just the way it should be!
Live in Hanoi, Vietnam with Dac Quyen Thien

we were under huge impression of logistics and punctuality of the Chinese organizers. nothing we were occasionally running into at the concert hall was able to spoil it!
Dwie wieże
Live in Beijing, China

another, live interpretation of Karnas/Oleś' original "Dwie wieże" recorded during the first Grzegorz's stage jamboree with:

Michał Tokaj-piano
Lars Danielsson-bass
Michał Miśkiewicz-drums
Dwie wieże
Live in Żory, Poland

All told, I've been beat up four times in my life, to varying degrees (this doesn't include domestic "violence", of course). Four years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, in my home town one night, in a quiet and isolated little room of what was by then a police station ( - prior to 1989, we had militia in Poland, as they do to this day in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), life revealed to me the meaning of the word ?extrajudicial?. A well-practiced police hand, pummeling my face with skill, impaired my trust towards law enforcement authorities forever. That was that fourth time.
"Ask a Question to a Cop" video is based on a material registered during the latest cd recording session in a fancy studio built in a mill located in a small and quiet town of Lubrza where we spent three busy days by the end of august 2010.
In their initial line, the lyrics of the song ?Ask The Militiaman? poses the rhetorical question: ?Which path leads towards Law and Order??. The answer is contained in the refrain: ?Ask the Militiaman, he'll tell you the Truth; ask the Militiaman, he'll show you the way?.
Ask a Question to a Cop
Live in Studio, Lubrza, Poland

a beautiful, ambient take of a song form "the ballads for the end of the world" of a mediocre audio/video quality, still, luckily registered during a concert at Műcsarnok
Live in Budapest, Hungary

this take of "Sny" comes from the live a/v recording session for the album called AUDIO BEADS released by a Hungarian label BMC Records.
Sny (Dreams)
Live in Budapest, Hungary

Dwie Wieże (Two Towers)
Live in Żory, Poland
Vocal Cello Quintet

our funky interpretation of an evergreen...
Lve Broadcasting From Polish National Radio 3
Live in Warsaw, Poland
Vocal Cello Quintet

Black Crow video, which has recently become one of the most covered Joni Mitchell's classics, was recorded during the time we spent in France in a charming town of Viviers while working on new material and giging occasionaly.
The video was taken during one of our concerts in the Theatre of Viviers where we were lucky to rehearse, record and listen to our own music for almost five weeks!
Thank you Pascale!!!
Black Crow - live in France

Sny (Dreams) featuring an outstanding Polish saxophone player Tomasz Szukalski is a tune I entirely recorded in my appartment. It took me several weeks to produce it and once it was properly mixed down in a studio I became the first fan of my work. My sweet efforts were rewarded when shortly after the album Sny was released I got a message from Island. A Polish guy who lived there heard Sny, which is 14 minutes long, online at jazz fm from London. He made my day...
Sny (Dreams)

The song Ask a Question to a Cop Spytaj milicjanta comes from repertoire of a Polish punk band called Dezerter. It was mostly heard of by some in the beginning of 80's. The vinyl I found it on contained four tracks. I bought it as a child that was in love in all kinds music including all kinds of rock.
Ask a Question to a Cop
Live in Bardejov, Slovakia