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Grzegorz Karnas is a teacher by choice. He teaches singing, voice managing, breathing technics as well as phonetics of English with the area of expertise extending to French, Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese pronunciation. He conducted numerous workshops and masterclasses for foreigners including several classes for English, French, Russian and Chinese speaking students. For eight past years Karnas has been occassionally conducting workshop in his home town Żory under the festival called Voicingers of which he is the artistic director. His workshops are meant for those who would like to engage in music-making using the human voice as their instrument.

Żory Jazz Scene Workshop
Grzegorz's idea in motion - VIDEO

Since playing music with the voice is based not only on play, but also on becoming familiar with several seemingly self-evident aspects of it, the issues dealt with during these workshops include: breathing, articulation and transmission of one's voice based on its natural tone, in keeping with its primary function ? conveying emotions.

Jazz Vocal Scene Workshop WWW
Żory, Poland

Among other things, group sessions consist of creating so-called "cyclic cantos", the aim of which is to broaden rhythmic and harmonic awareness by bringing one into contact with trancy nature of what are known as poly-rhythms.
This is a way to quickly create a live improvisational choir based on a group of people who are able to create a percussive effect. Notes in simple arrangements of intervals are then superimposed onto this mixture of rhythms. The melodies change in the course of their being sung, and the choir follows the cues of a leader.

The audio samples below are the examples of the choral forms created ad hoc and based on three words chosen by the members of the group.
The basic rhythm and melodic suggestions come from Grzegorz.
This group of non-professionals sings together for the first time and
with no rehearsal...



Pojechana Kosmopolitaneczka

The aim of these group sessions is to get into the trance-like nature of singing in the context of repetitive cycles, to learn through experience that repetitiveness leads to
"settling" - or in other words, strengthening of expression while feeling the chemistry of making music as a group.